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Take Care Of Spills With Absorbent Mats, Rolls, Socks And Pillows

No matter your industry, oil and chemical spills can cause utter chaos for your team and workplace. Spills stop productivity in its tracks, leading to costly downtime that impacts your business. Not to mention the health and safety issues they pose and the risk it incurs for your expensive machinery.

Cleaning up potentially dangerous spills can be a time-consuming task, which is why our range of absorbent mats, rolls, socks and pillows help make the process easy. Our selection of absorbent spill solutions allows your team to clean spills quickly and safely, all at an affordable price.

We offer a wide range of products all designed to absorb various liquids such as oil, lubricating grease, chemicals, solvents and water. With our comprehensive selection, you can always make sure your team is ready to take on whatever spills might occur. 

For medium-sized spills, our absorbent mats are the ideal solution. Lightweight and easy to deploy, these mats absorb all liquid and leave behind no residue for easy cleanup. Our chemical mats can be used on oil-based as well as water-based spills along with chemicals.

We also offer options tailored to oil spills only, which can be used on water and outdoors. These absorbent mats can be easily manoeuvred and avoid the mess caused by absorbent granules. 

Our Chemical Absorbent Cushions are ideal for preventing damage caused by leaking machinery, pipework and taps. They can handle water and oil-based leaks as well as aggressive acids and alkalis. Simply position the absorbent pillow under the leak and leave it until saturated.

Spills don’t often stick to a neat pattern, so flexible clean up is a must! Our absorbent socks can be manipulated to fit around snaking spills and clean oil, chemical and water-based spills.

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